Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

CAMTECH Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve is the preferred choice of ball valve in higher sizes and pressure ratings, and is used in pipelines and critical process applications. The valves have advanced design features such as a built-in cavity relief mechanism, Anti-static, and intrinsic double block and bleed facility. The valves are of 2-piece or 3-piece design, bolted/welded at the body connection joint, with flanged/butt weld ends, in reduced and full bore designs. These valves are available in Forged construction as well as Cast construction.

Full Internal weld overlay or weld overlay on seat pocket area and body cavity can be provided with in-house cladding facility.
Seat construction with Single piston effect and double piston effect can be provided.
All valves are fire safe tested as per API 607 / API 6FA.