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Camtech Manufacturing is the first and one of the few API accredited valve manufacturing company in the UAE, Middle East and North Africa region providing unparalleled quality with sheer excellence.




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CAMTECH MANUFACTURING products are manufactured with strict compliance to the most recognized international standards all over the world, such as API, ANSI, ASME, ASTM, MSS, NACE, BSI, EN,DIN, GOST and many others. Our Engineering team is always studying the new updates of these standards to incorporate any changes that may affect the design, regulations or performance of our products.

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Camtech is committed to technology since 1999 and continually improving to develop high quality and zero leak technology valves.

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December 152018
August 232016

Camtech Manufacturing completes delivery of CE Valves with Committed Duration.

August 232016

Camtech Manufacturing завершил поставку трубопроводной арматуры CE в оговоренные сроки.