Pressure Seal Swing Check Valve

CAMTECH Pressure Seal Check Valves are ideal for high pressure steam, liquid, catalytic reformers, hydrocrackers and other tough services. In the tough world of High pressure, High temperature valve applications, Pressure Seal Check Valve continue to provide a wide range of industries with a safe, leak free, pressure containing boundary. These valves are unidirectional and restrict flow from opposite direction. These are best suited for moderate velocity conditions. Check valves are normally designed for horizontal flow condition, but can also be installed in vertical pipeline, but in vertical pipeline, the flow shall be in upwards direction and under the disc.
The basic concept of pressure seal valves is that the initial cover pull up bolts tighten the cover which inturns seals the pressure seal gasket to the body. Then the system pressure assist for more force to seal the gasket. Hence, as system pressure increases, the potential for leakage through the body/bonnet joint decreases.