If you require the spares for Camtech supplied valves, use Camtech supplied spares only for better fitment and performance.

Please have the following information when you contact us, to help us serve you faster:

  • The Camtech valve serial number
  • Your PO Number, or the Camtech Job Order Number on which the valve was purchased
  • The Camtech drawing number (if applicable)
  • The valve tag number
  • Any additional information from the valve’s nameplate.

Please read the IOM ( Installation and Operation Manual ) for determining and ordering the spares and to replace the spares for the valves.

Maintenance manuals (IOMs)

CAMTECH Valve Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals can be downloaded freely from the links provided below or by going to the download sections. The IOMS are in English language and also contains Quick Reference Manuals offer basic installation instructions and product safety notices.