Double Isolation Ball Valve

CAMTECH Double Isolation Ball Valve is trunnion mounted ball valve where a single body houses two obturators where, each obturator has two individual seats for sealing. These valves are used to drain or vent trapped fluid between the two obturators. This design guarantees great reliability of the system together with remarkable space and weight saving. The greatest savings are to be seen in the reduction of leak to atmosphere because the potential leak points are minimized compared to the conventional design.

The valve internal profile is shaped to minimize turbulence and to avoid any potential obstacle for the passage of pigs. The valve body is designed to safely accommodate all predicable loads, including line pipe reactions.

These valves have all the standard features of trunnion mounted ball valve such as Built-in cavity relief mechanism, Antistatic, and intrinsic double block and bleed facility. Double piston effect feature can also be provided for this valve.