Oil and Gas

Offshore & Onshore oil and gas facilities operate in one of the world’s adverse climatic conditions leading to the requirement for Non-Ferrous and High Alloy valve solutions to overcome the challenges of the corrosive environment.

Our flexible approach to manufacturing enables Camtech to respond quickly to the ever changing demands of today’s oil and gas project requirements. Since 1999, we have constantly worked to make our valves the most reliable in the market. Today, our extensive range of valves are installed in a broad range of the oil and gas industry’s toughest applications, from complete valve packages for LNG terminals and carriers to highly concentrated service medium for oil & gas.

Camtech holds almost major industry approvals, and is working to get renowned in all the sectors and clients as preferred manufacturer. Camtech Valves provide valves solutions in various applications with Our unique combinations of valve designs, materials and size range enable us to offer the most complete package of any valve manufacturer in the world.